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About Me:

Owner / CEO

      My name is Edward Rico Rivera, and I was born in Van Nuys, California in1989. When I was younger, I would often ask my mother to sketch superheroes for me just so I could watch the steps. I'd also go with her, on location, to the various mural jobs that she'd book in the San Fernando Valley. This upbringing provided me with the compositional foundation I needed and helped to ignite my passion for art early on.


      That passion for art turned quickly into my study and then eventually parlayed into my current career. The Art Zone LLC hosts after school programs for kids, professional development workshops, Paint Parties, and evening lessons for adults (either in-home or located at various restaurants and bistros in the L.A. area). I created this company as a means for kids to be able to have fun and learn about art without getting frustrated. My philosophy is that stress free creativity leads to better project outcomes, and also an overall improvement in problem solving skills for the future.

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